Falavarjan city is one of the cities of Isfahan province, which is located in the neighborhood of Isfahan city. The center of Falavarjan is Falavarjan city. Falavarjan city consists of three central parts, Qahderijan and Pirbakran. Also, the constructive cities of Falavarjan city include the cities of Falavarjan, Pirbakran, Baharan, Klishad and Sudarjan, Qahdarijan, Abrisham, Zazran and Imanshahr. The city of Falavarjan in 2021 may be about 300 thousand people. The area of ​​Falavarjan city is 320 square kilometers. The population of Falavarjan is 5500 people per square kilometer and the number of villages in the city is 60.

Neighboring cities of Falavarjan include Isfahan, Khomeini Shahr, Mobarakeh, Najafabad, Lenjan. Existence of numerous industries, being located on the banks of Zayandeh rood, many historical, natural and cultural attractions, are the prominent features of Falavarjan city.

Historical and cultural monuments of Falavarjan city

Natural monuments of Falavarjan city

Falavarjan ecotourism and tourism resort

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