The historical and coastal city of Falavarjan, with about 500 historical monuments and many tourist attractions in the vicinity of the southwestern city of Isfahan and the presence of the Zayandeh River can be one of the tourism hubs of Iran and Isfahan. Falavarjan Tourism website has the information needed to get acquainted with historical and cultural attractions as well as natural attractions.  Also, with the opening of the tourist accommodation, the city’s need for accommodation for domestic and foreign tourists will be met.
Historical monuments of Falavarjan city of Isfahan province:

Pirbakran Mansion, Baba Mahmoud Pirbakran Bridge, Sarakhatun Tomb, Pigeon House Towers, Forty Towers of the Church, Forty Towers of the Ancestors and Four Towers, Ashtarjan Grand Mosque, Historical Bridge of Vegan Falavarjan, Historical Bath of Suhrofiruzan, Kooshak Castle Suhrofiruzan, Vakil Al-Roaya Suhrofiruzan House, Jafari House of Tad Village, Ansari House of Tad Village, Tuki House of Dargan Village, Nargan Village Pigeon House Tower, Rara Pigeon House Tower, Darafshan Pigeon House Tower, Minarets of old brick kilns of Qahdarijan, very old rural houses and textures, eco-lodges and tourism of Falavarjan, Bezi Castle, Sarshir Pirbakran Castle, House of Wisdom of Qahdarijan, Tomb of Pirbakran Jews, Moayedi Zafra House, Golgoon village castle, Siah Afshar village castle,Kavian village castle,Jalalabad village castle, Pava village castle, Wazirabad castle, Arbab city bath of Kalishad and Sudarjan, Afjad village bath, Bath of Yazd Abad neighborhood of Abrisham city, historical bath of Falavarjan, historical bath of Golgun and Tad villages, stone lions of Suhrofiruzan, Qala-e-Bazi caves, Bojgerd pigeon towers, pigeon tower of Cham village, Pigeon house tower of Largan village, Pigeon house tower of Kafshan and Hoyeh villages, Gili Milli Pirbakran cave, Jughans, Pigeon tower of Tad village, Falavarjan villa garden 

Important historical and religious monuments of Falavarjan city :
Imamzadeh Abolghasem Sohrofirozan, Tomb of Mohammad Ibn Bakran Pirbakran, Imamzadeh of Seyyed Mohammad Qahdarijan, Tomb of Sarakhatun Pirbakran, Tomb of Baba Mahmoud Sohrofiruzan, Zafra Cemetery, Historical Mosques of Falavarjan

Falavarjan tourist, recreational and cultural attractions :

Sarshir Pirbakran Castle Tourist Village, Falavarjan Goat Castle Eco-Resort, Zazran Cherry and Cherry Festival, Pirbakran Fruit Festival, Shahid Beheshti Silk National Camp, Joochi Mountain Wildlife, Irankuh Mountain, Qaleh Bezi Mountain, Qahdarijan People Clothes and Culture, Festival Qahdarijan onion, green plain of Jouchi village, abundant fruit orchards of Falavarjan villages, Sohrofiroozan forest road, Ashura and development ceremonies of Falavarjan city, Qahdarijan wedding ceremonies, groves, gardens and plains along Zayandehrood, Qahdarijan Dog Festival (Qadrjun) Tour around Isfahan, nature tour around Isfahan, forest road of Karafshan neighborhood to Suhrofiruzan, forest road of Golgun village (Kalgun), Pikami house of Tad village, pristine nature of Karafshan neighborhood, plain of Dargan village